Dawn Iler, LMT

Dawn Iler is a New York state Licensed Massage Therapist. They graduated from The Finger Lakes School of Massage in 2015 and have been practicing ever since. Dawn also holds a degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and is continuing their education in public health. Dawn is both trans-informed and trauma-informed. Their mission within their practice is to create a safe and calm environment to help people in whatever they need. Dawn happily welcomes people of all body types and genders. In their free time, Dawn enjoys photography, road trips, and playing with their dog, Honey.

Currently practicing in New Paltz, NY and booking 1-2 weeks out. Please call, text, or email to book a session.

PH: (845) 505-7829


Therapeutic Massage

Custom treatments based on each clients individual’s needs

60 minutes$100
90 minutes$150

Jade Stone Facial Massage
A natural facelift; slows down the aging process and strengthens the body’s immnune system

15 minutes$30
30 minutes$60

Home Visits*
A therapeutic massage in the comforts of your own home

60 minutes$185
90 minutes$275
*Currently serving the Mid-Hudson Valley region at this time.


Focusing on relaxation and pain relief

15 minutes$20
30 minutes$45

Custom essential oil blend

Essential oil$10


5 Session Bundle

Buy five 60 or 90 minute massages as a bundle: get your 6th session free

60 minutes$500
90 minutes$750

3 Session Bundle

Buy three 60 or 90 minute massages as a bundle: get any free add on

60 minutes$300
90 minutes$450



“Dawn gave me my first professional massage. I knew that I would come out of our session feeling rejuvenated and that my neck would finally be able to move around like a normal neck should, but what I also experienced was an absolutely above and beyond level of commitment from Dawn, to making you feel listened to and cared for. I’m still (months later) moved by my session with them & how healing it felt to trust someone to take care of me. I had a noticeably higher amount of energy, and and no neck pain whatsoever. Dawn is absolute magic, and has an amazing ability to heal you inside & out with a massage! Thank you Dawn.”


“Dawn is an exceptional massage therapist. They are very knowledgeable about the human body. At the beginning of every session, Dawn listens carefully to you to assess your physicality and needs. Plus, they possess a sweet and kind spirit. If you want to experience therapeutic massage bliss, give Dawn a call.”


“I always look forward to massages with Dawn. I feel safe in their care. Massage has been one of the most effective treatments for my chronic pain.”

Contact Dawn if you have any questions, concerns, or curiosities.